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Ministries at THE MESSAGE:

Children’s ministry (or), THE ARK!

Amanda Coombes has been our official Children’s Director since the beginning of 2017!  She is not only ECE certified, she has probably the biggest heart for children and helping them learn about Jesus, then anyone on the planet!  Ok, of course, that’s a pretty bit statement…but just spend 5 minutes with Miss Amanda, or watch her with kids, and you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about.

At The Message each week, Amanda and her team of volunteers provide fun and engaging lessons about God and Jesus, filled with worship music, Bible stories, crafts, and a very special time of prayer where all the kids gather together to pray for each other and pretty much everything things else that comes to their minds, too.

In short – each Sunday is an amazing day for all kids at The Message.  We even have a great middle-school / Jr. High program, as well, called the ‘OK Squad’ – that typically meets every other week right now.

So in any case, we invite you to check out THE ARK, and definitely get to know Miss Amanda…you (and especially your kids), will be glad you did!

Adult Ministries (Men’s and Women’s)

All people need to be growing in their relationship with God – adults included!  And just because we “grow up,” doesn’t mean we have this life all figured out.  Although not as regular as Sunday school programming and activities for kids and youth, The Message also has specific events and gatherings and times of prayer and fellowship for men and women, too.

Throughout the year, we have occasional Men’s Prayer Partner breakfasts and now even a special ‘wing and a prayer’ night, too, where depending on how hot the wings are…dictates how strong the prayers are, as well!  And for what is really helpful for all of us (and the church), is this group of men also regularly gathering before Sunday services to pray for God’s help and protection over our church, each other, our families, and definitely over our community, too.

And not to be outdone…our women’s mentoring and prayer sister’s ministry is actually one of our strongest ministry programs here at The Message.  In short – just imagine, all the women from the church (also) praying for each other, their church, their families, and their community!  It’s an amazing ministry – and God has already done incredible things for and through our faithful prayer warrior gals.  And we can’t wait to see what He does next through this faithful group!

Connections Ministries

Think Sunday services happen just all by themselves?  Not even close!  That’s why Stephanie White is the perfect leader for our Connections ministry.  From the opening welcome and greeting when someone comes through our doors on Sunday, to 1st time visitor gifts, fresh hot coffee, ushers, and even just making the welcome table look nice each week – Miss Stephanie is not only extremely gifted in such organization…but she is also just an amazing person and compassionate leader/servant, who has grown a wonderful team of Connection Volunteers where in the past, there never really was one before.

And our church is all the better (and more organized), thanks to her and her team’s efforts!

So, if you appreciate all the little friendly extras you see and experience when you visit The Message, now you’ll know who to thank!  And if any of these areas might be a place where you’d like to help and serve, too…we’d love to have you ‘connect’ here even more!

Tech Ministries

From lights, sound-board set-up, stage design and even computer slides each and every week, Andrew Coombes, our Tech Ministries Director for The Message, makes everything for Sunday morning church look, sound, and even run like we actually know what we’re doing.  Which is a very tall order!

But as they say…put the right leaders in the right places and you’ll be amazed at how everything comes together.  Andrew has a huge heart for God and for growing even more servant leaders for His overall church and Kingdom.   Discipleship and mentoring other people in this ministry,  while also training them to help with all-things-tech, is also a very deep passion for Andrew.

And each and every week not only finds him making sure service is ready to roll by 10:30am – he’s also spending time caring for others and encouraging them no matter what they may be going through in life, as well.  Which is another reason Andrew is so good at what he does for this ministry.  Because he recognizes ‘tech’ isn’t all there is…it’s actually just another way to help care for other people as they (now) learn to serve God as best they can, too.

Because to be sure – it takes a lot of work (a team even), to make a church run smoothly, especially all the while making it look like The Message still knows what it’s doing, too!

So if you have an interest in anything tech…or even just helping our services run more smoothly and efficiently, just see Andrew – and you’ll be able to join another great group of like-minded people, all united for the same purpose: serving at The Message, to help reach even more people for God’s Son, Jesus.

Worship Ministries

Worship comes in many forms.  Whether it’s in how we serve, pray, follow along with a Sunday message – and even in how we generously give to others, too.  But more than anything else, worship is most commonly thought of when it involves music and singing in an engaging atmosphere where you’re free to connect more deeply with God through voice and song.

And since 2016, Kyle Fegan has been leading and directing our worship ministry here at The Message, with a heart for God and a willingness to help others use their musical giftings, as well, in order to continually lead the entire church into the presence of God every Sunday as we all worship together!

It truly is a wonderful experience to be able to just detach from the pressures of day to day life and freely worship God with other friends and church family members, all united by great music – vocals, guitars, keyboards, and even drums, too.

However, our time of worship each week is never just for a concert or show – but it’s always for the main purpose of praising God for Who He is and all He continues to do for us, too!  And more often than not – the best way to help people connect with God first, is through engaging worship and modern music they can relate to.

Now, does that mean we never have any traditional type songs or hymns as part of our morning worship?  Of course not…we very much appreciate those foundational songs from back in the day.  But for the majority of our time…and because it’s what the majority of people listen to in the first place – we more regularly worship to the more modern Christian music that you just might also hear on your car radio on the way home, too.

So all in all, it’s nice balance…upbeat and engaging, yet deep and respectful, as well.  All thanks to Kyle and his team!

Helping Hands Ministries

Everyone needs an extra hand once in a while.  Whether it’s because of an illness or medical procedure, or just simply life throwing us a curve ball – we can all find ourselves in need of some extra help when things get tough.   That’s where ‘Helping Hands” comes in.  Primarily a ministry that helps provide a few meals to families where someone in the home is ‘off their feet,’ so to speak, for whatever reason…recovering from a surgery or illness, or even an injury that will hinder their ability to prepare food for their loved ones, THE MESSAGE has a way to serve such families facing this kind of situation.   We keep a large freezer well-stocked with simple meals that basically only require and oven and a serving utensil.   Be it pasta, casseroles, potato bakes, just to name a few…here at THE MESSAGE, one of the best ways to show our love and care for others, is by helping serve them as best we can.

Now, does helping hands only include meals?  Not necessarily…as we have many willing people who can help in other situations, too.  Like simple repairs in the home for an elderly person or single parent who just can’t get something fixed.  To even an extra set of hands to shovel out a driveway when the snow is just too deep.  Of course we can’t necessarily do everything – but either way, it never hurts to ask.  So just simply email us at, and if our hands can help, we’ll do the best we can.

Serving is at the foremost of our Ministry


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