Bit of a late start this morning, though (blame the hot wings 🙂. Same rules as always – find me with “the message of the day,” and I’ll buy you a coffee! #wherespastorcarl #zoominto seemessageoftheday #hint-ilovemychurch

Looking forward to service tomorrow!  Remember – find the truck, find the sign, find The Message 🙂.  Title for Galatians, part 8: “Battle Royal.”  And when you can bring up Hulk Hogan in a sermon – you know it’s at least going to be interesting! Lol.  Hope to see you there! 

Inconvenient truth for today: ‘Far too often we waste our days trying to convince God to see and do things our way. When instead, we should be surrendered and faithful enough to see and do things His way.’


Had a great visit with a friend who “found” The Message truck yesterday!  Looking forward to seeing who “finds” me next week :). #wheresthemessage #whatsthemessageoftheday


If you missed church today…you missed one heckuva BBQ afterwards with smoked pork loin, sausages, and even chicken! Someone also said there were salads – but I never made it that far 🙂. Great combined Father’s Day service with THE MESSAGE / The Well / and CAC churches…

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