A REAL Church

For REAL People


Helping people CONNECT with God and others


Challenging people to GROW in the truth of God’s Word, and their relationship with Jesus


Giving people a “place to play,” as they serve others and their community


Encouraging people to LAUNCH into whatever God’s mission is for them

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Message from Jim Tune

Join us September 19th!

Message from Jim Tune

Message about where we’re headed.

Carl Lipke


Carl Lipke is the senior minister for The Message Christian Church…which was a brand new church plant back in 2012, in which he and a small team of volunteers (including his wife, Amy), founded and launched here in Orangeville. “Why another church, you ask?” Because in short – planting new, vibrant, Christian churches is still the greatest way to reach new communities for Christ. Especially in cultures where most people have long walked away from the more traditional churches.

From the Pastor

Children’s Director

Amanda Coombes

Amanda has been our official Children’s Director since the beginning of 2017! She is not only ECE certified, she has probably the biggest heart for children and helping them learn about Jesus

Connections Ministry Director


From the opening welcome and greeting when someone comes through our doors on Sunday, to 1st time visitor gifts, fresh hot coffee, ushers, and even just making the welcome table look nice each week – Miss Stephanie is not only extremely gifted in such organization…but she is also just an amazing person and compassionate leader/servant

Worship Director


Kyle has had a passion for music all of his life. Playing guitar since he was 8 years old.

He has been a worship leader at many churches and now calls The Message home. Each sunday he tries to lead the congregation in a spirit filled journey through song and melody.

Tech Ministry Director


From lights, sound-board set-up, stage design and even computer slides each and every week, Andrew Coombes, our Tech Ministries Director for The Message, makes everything for Sunday morning church look, sound, and even run like we actually know what we’re doing.  Which is a very tall order!


Sundays – 10:30 am


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